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And he sets the record straight while he does it. During the well publicized debate with the creationist Ken Ham, Mr. Nye demonstrated time after time that there is a method to why things are the way the are and the answer to that is real science.

Whether it is nearly 700, 000 ice formation layers proving that the Earth could not possibly be only several thousand years old (or otherwise we would have experienced close to 200 winter to summer changes each single year) or the living trees that are thousands of years older than what Creationists believe the Earth's age to be, Bill Nye artfully explained in a clear way to the wide audience that there is a reason why there is only one Science.

Starting from the very first question from the audience you knew Ken Ham is not a match to Bill Nye. Answer after answer it became more evident that this "science" that Mr. Ham calls "observational" is nothing more but one man's interpretation of Bible's Old Testament. Most of Ken Hams answers to a number of simple scientific questions were answers like "God created the Earth in six days", "God opened his arms to stretch the heavens", and so on. The more Mr. Ham spoke the more he showed his true colors that he is not a scientist, he can't prove anything with facts and relies heavily on theology rather than proven factual information.

Simply put it proved that Ken Ham believes in something more closely aligned with magic rather than actual science. Tonight Bill Nye provided the most eloquent take-down of all this "magical science" that is the foundation of Creationism.

The debate is still going but Bill Nye made it pretty clear - there is only one science and our kids need to study the real science and not "magic".

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Originally posted to turkmen on Tue Feb 04, 2014 at 06:29 PM PST.

Also republished by Progressive Atheists and Science Matters.

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